Feldman Fitness is a private training studio that allows you to focus on your workouts without any distractions. All sessions will consist of workouts catered to you based on your abilities as well as your ultimate goals. Michael will guide you through each exercise to ensure proper weight and technique is used to advance your training regimen and to prevent risk of injury.

Everyone has a different reason for looking to professional help to achieve their goals. Fitness goals can be whatever you want them to be. Whether it is increasing flexibility and overall fitness, or preparing for a marathon down the road. Michael has experience training clients from numerous demographics ranging in age from 12 to 80 years old. The most common clients he has trained are men and women between the ages of 35 to 65 with various fitness levels and abilities. He has also trained young athletes looking to increase speed and agility that will help them once they enter their high school years as well as high school athletes and collegiate athletes that are training for specific sports. Whether the athlete is training during their sport’s offseason or if they are training “in season” will dictate the type of training regimen presented to them.

Amenities included when you sign up:

  • Fitness assessments
  • Water and workout towels
  • Fresh fruit
  • Coffee and tea
  • Full bathroom with walk-in shower
  • Bath towels
  • All bathroom accessories

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